Environmental Ship Efficiency

Pole Star’s Environmental Vessel Efficiency (EVE) module is built on the powerful Pole Star enterprise framework, ensuring unmatched accuracy, security and simplicity of use. Our modular architecture ensures seamless integration with your other Pole Star services, with future releases further expanding and enhancing the use of your data.

A free-to-download onboard application uses sophisticated algorithms to measure and report fuel consumption data, synchronising with your Pole Star Platform to monitor vessel performance with no requirement for the installation of expensive or complex equipment.

Environmental responsibility is a priority for the IMO, and the shipping industry is actively engaged in trying to reduce its carbon footprint. Pole Star are proud to serve our customers with a solution that helps them comply with environmental regulations such as MRV and IMO DCS, and – just as importantly – the data-driven analysis needed to reduce fuel consumption and improve profit margins.


EVE satisfies today’s EU MRV regulation and will scale up as legislation evolves, in particular the IMO DCS regulation.


Onboard validation syncs seamlessly for shore side data aggregation. Voyage, time period or annual reports are produced at your convenience.


Increased efficiency measures can be implemented based on actionable intelligence.


Pole Star is the world’s leading maritime risk and compliance navigator.

Since 1998, we have ensured the safety, security, and compliance of over 25,000 ships, over 40 flag administrations, and over 1,000 commercial clients in 100 counties around the world.

With Pole Star, regulatory compliance doesn’t need to be a headache. EVE dovetails neatly into your existing day-to-day operations.

Take the hassle out of your noon-day reporting processes.

Our sleek, simplified interface is built into the Pole Star Platform and uses advanced logic to identify which voyage data points are required for regulatory compliance, automating your THETIS reporting procedure, and reducing human error through data entry validation.

As the shipping industry continues to face the challenge of narrow profit margins, Pole Star are committed to supporting our clients with a range of services to decrease waste and increase fuel efficiency.

Our voyage tracking data can be used to identify inefficiencies, as well as inconsistencies that may indicate loss or theft of expensive resources.

All changes made to your voyage reporting data are logged in EVE.

Manual edits that may skew results or indicate theft are tagged by user and cannot be removed, ensuring full and incorruptible transparency and accountability.

Service Features

Approved by SGS and Lloyds Register, and under evaluation with other EU-appointed verification bodies; Bureau Veritas and Verifavia

Our online platform has up-to-date ship particulars, making ships easy to search for and add to your tracked vessels. Within minutes you can have our solution up and running, ready to connect to your fleet.

Our simple and easy to use voyage reporting application means less work for your Master and Chief Engineer. An onboard application that uses your existing vessel IT infrastructure connects to our shoreside application, collating your data and streamlining your manual noon-day and standard event reporting processes.

One of the greatest concerns our customers have about environmental compliance regulations is the potential impact of incorrectly entered data. EVE validates all data entry in real-time, on the ship, as the data is being entered – ensuring data entry errors don’t occur in the first instance.

All voyage information is saved for real-time or post-voyage analysis. You can use our new features and data services to view performance reports.

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