LRIT Conformance


What we offer, in a nutshell

Pole Star offers complete LRIT Conformance testing and certification services and is authorised to issue Conformance Test Reports on behalf of most Flags.

Pole Star is the world leader in LRIT testing and, to date, has completed more than 40,000 LRIT tests on behalf of global ship operators. Pole Star is an Authorised Testing ASP for over 90 Flags and provides operators with a convenient, secure and easy-to-use web-based testing platform, allowing them to initiate a test and review its progress at any time.


Why choose Pole Star?

Pole Star is the world leader in LRIT testing. We have completed more than 40,000 LRIT conformance tests and are an Authorised Testing ASP for over 90 Flags. We provide ship operators with a convenient, secure and intuitive online LRIT Conformance Test platform, allowing them to initiate a test and review its progress at any time.

Pole Star’s system manages all aspects of the test, including: terminal commissioning, satellite communications network management, post-test de-commissioning, production of a detailed test result and provision of a conformance test certificate if required.
We understand the LRIT system and what is required. We work with all the major satellite equipment manufacturers, communications service providers, land earth station operators, Inmarsat and other satellite communication network providers to ensure that the LRIT system works end-to-end. We are a Thrane & Thrane and certified partner and Inmarsat certified silver partner. Pole Star is an LRIT Data Centre administrator and an authorised testing ASP for over 90 Flags.

To date, Pole Star has issued nearly 28,000 Certificates on behalf of over 90 Flags.
We attend and contribute to the relevant IMO COMSAR, NAV, MSC, Engineering and Working Group meetings.

Our technical capability is backed up by a professional, multi-lingual customer support team with offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Panama. Our customer support team are available 24/7/365 to support you at every stage of the process, whether you have a question about testing or certification.

We offer a secure, online system that allows you to initiate tests at a time convenient to your schedule. Tests normally completed and results emailed within 48 hours. In the event the test fails, the system offers easy to understand error messages and suggested corrective action.


Find out what we can do for you

Our secure and easy-to-use web-based LRIT testing platform allows you to start a test or check its progress whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

LRIT Conformance Tests are typically completed, and the results emailed to you, within 48 hours.

With your testing account, you can overview the progress and status of testing of your ships. Your results are emailed to you within 48 hours.

Testing with Pole Star is easy, even if you need to test a large number of ships at once. Once you’ve gathered your fleets information, our intuitive application allows you to upload your entire fleet with one click.

Order your LRIT certificate on-demand via the online LRIT CTR portal. Simply enter the required information and click submit. Your LRIT CTRs will be dispatched as a scan by email, and as a hard copy by courier within 3 days of receipt of payment. Pole Star can issue LRIT CTRs on behalf of most flags.

On successful completion of an LRIT Conformance Test, Pole Star can issue the Conformance Test Report Certificate. Standard processing time is three days, but to assist ship operators with urgent requirements, Pole Star offers a Fast Track service, which allows for the Certificate to be issued within 24 hours.

Compatible hardware

Compatible with a wide-range of hardware.

Inmarsat C equipment already installed on the majority of vessels is frequently used for LRIT compliance. Dedicated terminals based on Inmarsat M2M and Iridium can also be used. For maximum performance or where the existing onboard equipment is not suitable or a stand-alone LRIT solution is required, Pole Star recommends the installation of a dedicated LRIT terminal. Pole Star offers a LRIT equipment package, directly or through our partners.

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